YourStake helps people understand the social and environmental impact of their investments. We believe that by providing people insight into what their investment portfolios actually do, we can help create real change.

We've built a pipeline for ingesting data about public companies from hundreds of sources, and the tools for financial advisors to use our data to help their clients make a difference with their investments. Users of our platform are managing over $200 billion in total assets–a number that's growing every day.

We're a remote-first company, backed by great investors, and we'd love to have you join our team to help us broaden our impact even further.

In this role, we are looking for experienced engineers who can grow to understand a while picture of the system, and contribute to the back end API as well as frontend functionality. You will join an engineering team with complementary skills, and collaborate with a talented, fast moving team.


- are motivated to change the fabric of capitalism

- prioritize solving problems over fancy technologies

- work remote-first

- prefer small, talented teams to large groups

You are:

- excited to work for a fast-growing startup

- happiest contributing code

- Passionate about social + environmental change

- fluent in Python

- experienced with Django

- familiar with Vue.js

- self-starter who thrives on freedom and responsibility

- comfortable picking up many hats as needed

You are not:

- looking for a large enterprise with codified hierarchies

- in a time zone more than 4 hrs different from US ET

- expecting to start 6 months from now

- a jerk